If you seek respite from a hot, humid, midsummer’s day or wish to escape a bitterly cold St. Petersburg evening, please visit us at Yalta.  Here, you can sense the light breeze of the Crimean seaside as you enjoy the pleasant atmosphere found in Yalta’s restaurants.  The light and spacious interior of the restaurant, accented by splashes of sunlight across pictures of Koktebel and the bay of Novyi Svit, will transport you to the tranquil atmosphere of Crimean resorts.
For those who enjoy kalians, feel free to pass the time lounging in our soft, luxurious sofas – a truly relaxing experience.
The cuisine served by Yalta is described as “Crimean Tatar”, which is a combination of Central Asian, Russian and Ukrainian culinary traditions.  Anyone who has ever visited the Black Sea coast of the
Crimea surely remembers the delicious pilaf, meat pasties, samosas, variety of fish dishes and seafood delicacies.  These, as well, are the specialties our chef has brought with him, directly from Yalta

We are sure you will be so impressed that you will return time and again.    


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